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Our Core Values

We at Rapid Eye Technology, Inc. (RET) and The Rapid Eye Institute, challenge ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and attention to student and technician support. Our core values are integrity, community, ideology, centeredness, and inspiration. We offer home study courses and on-site certifications that feature flexibility and sensitivity.

Our Programs

RET programs are built on a non-denominational path of study that emphasizes learning a tool and skill that inspires your inner direction. We believe our programs assist you in finding your individual and personal spiritual mission through the discovery and development of your own innate spiritual gifts.

Students who enter this program embark on a unique journey into transformation, learning the meaning of being a whole, healthy and authentic individual, starting with self. The RET program is grounded in a deep understanding that good health is a balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Student Progress

Beginning with Phases 1-3 that include vital training in Immediate Release Technique (IRT), Skills for Life (Facilitator skills), and Life Coaching, the RET technician training culminates in Phase 4 where you’ll learn Rapid Eye Technology itself.

Basic Technician level students delve deep into pattern cycles, developmental stages, the 7 life principles, inner child work, negative core belief releases, addiction studies, family relationships, and chakra energy psychology. In Advanced and Master Level students learn leadership, marketing, social media, archetypes, defense sets, essential oils, light and sound technology, eye patching, and effective client self-care. As students craft their intention in the field and further discover their healing gifts, they’ll explore areas of specific interest including self-knowledge through self-improvement, energy disciplines, professional boundaries and communication.


Graduates of our programs have found that RET works well in tandem with other healing modalities. Licensed professionals and care facilities, such as chiropractic clinics, wellness centers, counseling centers, and medical facilities, will benefit from the addition of RET to their practice skills set.

When you graduate our RET Basic, Advanced, Master, Energy Psychology, and Leadership Immersion courses, and have at least 2 years of practical RET experience, you’ll qualify to apply for our Train-The-Trainer Program. This enables you to train others in this dynamic model!

Get Started Now!

Interested in Rapid Eye Technology, yet not sure about signing up for the full program? At RET we are so committed to helping you achieve your dreams that we invite you to view our no-charge Stress Reduction Videos, sign up for our informative newsletter, and take our no-charge Skills for Life classes and workbook.

Call Ranae today at The Rapid Eye Institute 503-399-1181, or email us at RET@rapideyetechnology.com. Find us on Facebook The Rapid Eye Institute, Ranae Johnson, Sharlene Young and Lynell Beckstrom. Please follow us on Twitter @RETLynell.

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